Materia Collective wants to bring the music of Ocarina of Time to a new level with their Kickstarter project Hero of Time; a one-hour, fully orchestrated arrangement of music inspired by the game.

With a mere four days left, Materia Collective is still looking to raise over $22,000 in funds to see their project come to life. That’s one more day than Link got in Termina, but is it enough time to see this album secured? You can help the project out by contributing towards its goal of $50,000. As little as one dollar will get your name in the credits, while twenty dollars gets you a digital version of the full album. If you prefer a physical version that’s available too, along with several other tiers.

Should the Kickstarter be successfully funded, Materia Collective will record the album in beautiful Bratislava, Slovakia with a 64-piece orchestra. They’re looking to the East for their musical inspiration and are aiming for a March release should they reach their goal — just in time for Breath of the Wild. 

Check out the synthesized preview below, and pitch in to help this music come alive!