In a surprise tweet, the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account announced the games’ final DLC pack is arriving sooner than its previously announced winter launch window, and it’s bringing two new fighters with it.

Both Ravio and Yuga from A Link Between Worlds will be clashing with the already-expansive roster of the hack-and-slash madness that is Hyrule Warriors and its 3DS counterpart Hyrule Warriors Legends. The memorable characters will make their unique marks on the battlefield, and they’re bringing with them a bevy of additions:

  • New Fairies and My Fairy costumes
  • New skins to unlock for the playable characters
  • A new Adventure Map
  • New Rental and Weapon skills
  • A higher level cap
  • More medals
  • Various game-improving fixes

Gamer has released numerous screenshots of the 3DS version, as well as new art for Ravio and Yuga. Ravio can be seen using various items from his rental shop — although he will favor the Hammer — while Yuga wields his trademark paintbrush to cast out lightning and picture frames.

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You’ll need to update your game if you want to download this final DLC, and remember you can still purchase a season pass that will get you all of the DLC at a cheaper price. Check out the official site for pricing and content, and let us know if you’re looking forward to this DLC!