Game Center DX — Japan’s long-running video game variety show — has a bit of fun with Breath of the Wild in one of their newest episodes. Set in a fictitious company setting, the show features an employee who must often complete specific modes within a game, or beat the game within a day, if he’s to keep his job and get a raise.

In this forty-minute segment, Japanese comedian Hamaguchi Masaru plays one such employee. He familiarizes himself with the game before his superior Tojima Shinichiro gives him seven tasks to complete around the Great Plateau. The tasks range from cooking food to taking on the formidable Steppe Talus. Hamaguchi gives it all, and his bumbling around produces some amusing results. When things get tough, however, Tojima telephones a certain someone to lend some advice and lead Hamaguchi to victory.

While the spoken language and on-screen text is Japanese, there’s enough context for any fan to enjoy the footage — and the gameplay speaks for itself, of course! Personally, every time I see one of these videos I get even more excited for Breath of the Wild. Are you still on board to pick this game up?