Grass’s mortal enemy has a new trick up his green sleeve.

While the Zelda series is well-known for its Easter eggs and amusing strategies (Who would guess Ganondorf was a fan of fishing?), there are few secrets that aren’t undiscovered among the fanbase. So it’s always a pleasure when a new find is made, or a trick is revealed that makes fans ask themselves, Why didn’t I think of that?

In Wind Waker HD, the Forbidden Woods boss Kalle Demos is a beautiful but deadly plant that has a taste for chubby Koroks. As far as boss battles go, the well-known strategy is a classic wash, rinse, repeat: Cut down the vines, move in for a quick slice-and-dice, then book it before you become plant food.

But Fish_waffle64 has shared a little-known trick to defeating Kalle Demos; a method that guarantees a one-hit KO. After the player cuts Kalle Demos free from the ceiling they can pour a bottle of Forest Water onto the boss’s vulnerable pistil, and the battle is at once over.

You can check out the trick in action in Fish_waffle64’s video below. Will you be trying it the next time you replay Wind Waker HD?