I am an unashamed fanboy of Link Between Worlds.

It’s a game that took an absolute classic and brought it into the twenty-first century of gaming; adding some modern dynamics, visuals and sound to an already impeccable title. For a man cynical of remakes, I took a great deal of pleasure roaming around the retooled version of Hyrule in all its 3D glory — there was a pleasing familiarity in the locations and characters from A Link to the Past whilst being wonderfully jumbled together with wholly new puzzles, places and faces.

Of those new faces, Ravio is stands alone beneath a shining spotlight at center-stage. Equal parts mischievous, cocky and mysterious, the shopkeeper brings a great twist to the traditional item system and makes a fantastic addition to the ongoing cast of the franchise.

For me, this piece titled “Ravio’s Shop”, by American artist, Torkirby, sums up everything loveable about the salesman in the purple rabbit hood. Drawn in a suitably playful style and bursting with colour, Ravio puts his best moves on a sceptical hero of Hyrule while his sidekick Sheerow overseeing proceedings.

Ravio's Shop

The palette is simple but effective and wonderfully blended, accentuating the character’s features and adding depth without detracting from the cartoony style. The look on Ravio’s face makes me grin every time I look at him — I can almost hear him listing all the amazing properties of his wares and how Link will wonder how he’s ever gotten by without them!

More than anything, I’d love to see this piece made into an animated comedy sketch, with Ravio pulling out evermore ridiculous sales pitches on Link in an attempt to prise away his hard-earned rupees while Link simply stands in silence, as is his thing.

Why, dear readers, are we not funding this?

  • Michael Kelly III

    I also loved this game..it is a near perfect remake if not perfect. Ravio also caught my eye along with the witch Irene, who i loved from the oracle series. Ravio and Irene were genius and both pkayed a huge part in Link’s quest. In closing I did not put my 3ds down until I was finished, it was the perfect difficulty not too hard but not too easy…….

    • LinksDaydream

      Its actually a sequel not a remake, although I suppose there are so many similarities it could be seen as either, and Irene is a different witch then the one in the oracle games, that would be Maple

  • Catqueen25

    I’m currently playing the game, and it is a great game. I like the twist with the items, and I love that you don’t have to follow any order to the dungeons. I did the thieves hideout first. It was a nightmare for me in the original, and I decided to get it done first. This dungeon while still difficult was quite fun. I was totally bracing for the girl to change into the boss too.