With the buzz of Breath of the Wild still lingering among Zelda lovers, many fans have been turning to art and music to express their excitement for its anticipated release. Some of the most creative and nostalgic pieces of artwork that have created in the past couple of months are even able to include elements of previous games in their final presentation. This heartwarming piece by RoyalNoir is enough to make any Zelda fan fondly remember the countless times they walked in young Link’s shoes in Ocarina of Time or played as Wolf Link in Twilight Princess.

I am always happy to see more fan art that includes young Link, and he looks absolutely adorable in his Breath of the Wild blue tunic with his little blonde ponytail. Wolf Link fits so seamlessly into the touching scene, with the lively Breath of the Wild inspired background showcasing a vibrant sunrise on the horizon. Everything about this piece of artwork is truly stunning, and the way that young Link is gently cradling Wolf Link’s head reveals the true tenderness of the moment. Their familiarity with each other serves as proof of the strong relationship they have built and the similar destiny that they share. It’s amazing to be able to see Wolf Link and young Link so cheerful together, especially in such a stunningly cute illustration.

Happy Friday everyone!