It was almost a year ago when we shared with you Matt Vince’s wonderful movie posters imagining a crossover between the beloved Studio Ghibli and The Legend of Zelda, when rumors of a Netflix deal were running rampant. While that rumor was eventually shot down by Nintendo, it hasn’t stopped Matt from creating this beautiful “what if” trailer for a Studio Ghibli Zelda film, set to a beautiful piano piece by Kyle Landry.

Watching the video, one is reminded of the peaceful openings of many of Studio Ghibli’s films; and when comparing it to the Breath of the Wild E3 trailer, anime’s influence on the game has never been more apparent. Certainly Matt was on the right track when he set to creating these pieces.

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  • The backgrounds and music were beautiful, but Link and Epona looked kinda derpy… Still amazing though.

  • Christian Beach

    Beautiful trailer, but why is Ocarina of Time the go-to source for Zelda-related fan projects? There’s over a dozen other Zelda games to choose from.

    • Because it’s the one that resonates the most with the people making those projects since it’s the one they grew up with. I would assume.

    • RJW

      Ocarina of Time is still the most popular.
      At the time, it revolutionized what people thought was possible on a 64-bit console and a cartridge. Open world, story-driven game play and (At the time) an immersive kingdom with beautifully Rendered 3D visuals. It’s still my favorite game of all time, and there has yet to be one that resonated with me so strongly.

      • shhh soft and wet

        it has the original Zelda logo from the first game so maybe the creator of the video was trying to go for some sort of ‘jack-of-all-trades’-style story that incorporated aspects from many different games that could represented as Zelda at its core or something?

    • Paul Lashomb

      Because Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and Link’s Awakening are the three greatest LoZ titles. There’s no denying it. The first two being my favorite games of all time. I haven’t ever experienced quite the connection and fondness to a game as I have for those two. Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past have always been my own personal standard for what a perfect game is and is what I use to measure every other game. A lot of the other LoZ games were fun and really great in their own right and I have other favorites, but those first two are the very definition of masterpieces.

  • Patrick Dent

    The fact that the music also has that Hisaishi feel to it just makes this all the more authentic.

  • Matthew Krankall

    I knew I liked the music. I follow that Kyle Landry guy on youtube lol. He has loads of awesome covers!

  • Grifter Timber Wolf

    Also to further the point of lore I believe Ocarina of Time was the first in chronological order. The seven sages awakened in this were the ancestors of the seven sages in LttP (though how they went from different races to all Hylian girls I’ll never know)

    • True Davad

      According to Hyrule Historia it is 4th in order and the point of the split in timeline. First is skyward Sword. then Minich Cap, Four Swords, and after that Ocarina of Time comes. And then there is a 3 way split that destroys that kind of numbered ordering capability.

  • LinksDaydream

    OH MY GODDESS! this is absolutely stunning!