Hyrule Warriors has added quite a variety of characters to the Zelda universe, including Linkle, the lady hero of legend. She is said to be a female version of Link, but still existing in the same universe as the male Link we all know and love, so seeing fanart such as raposavyk’s “Linkle and Link” is both fascinating and sweet.

Personally, I always think of Linkle as something of a sister to Link rather than a female clone, which is also the opinion of the artist, as stated in the description on DeviantArt. This is why I love this fanart so much; it’s like a family photo. A goofy little sister posing with her more serious big brother. Regardless of whether we agree or disagree on the sister perspective, it’s hard to say that this drawing is not adorable. Linkle’s playfulness shines through, and Link’s reaction is spot on.

Not only is the subject matter itself wonderful, but the art style as well. Raposavyk has that sketchy, watercolor technique that I’m just crazy about. The highlights in particular amaze me. The artist knows how to use a light pallet without draining the color or giving off an out-of-place glare. All the colors look so natural. The hair texture is also magnificent; it works so well with the line art!


What I hope in future Legend of Zelda titles is to see Linkle as a supporting character, and have fun interactions between her and Link, as seen in this fanart. I really think it would be fun to see her at various stages of your journey as she gets lost trying to make her way to the same destination as you. Even if it doesn’t make it to any main series games, fanart like this will spur the imagination and fulfill the interest of fans everywhere.