In a recent interview with The TelegraphZelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about the decision to bring Mario to smartphones in the form of the recently unveiled Super Mario Run.

Much of this decision appears to center around expanding the exposure of gamers — casual or otherwise — to Nintendo’s franchises. Miyamoto remarked that “there was a time when Nintendo’s platforms were the most popular in the world and now we see smartphones are the most popular device in the world. So we’ll keep looking for opportunities in smartphones and when we see them we’ll design something specifically for that hardware.”

Nintendo clearly sees smartphones as a way of re-engaging with the casual audience that they helped to create with the Wii, and, as much fun as Miitomo was for a time, Super Mario Run is the first real attempt to do so. We also have the upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem smartphone games to look forward to, and if they all do well you can guarantee Nintendo will look to expand other franchises across the smartphone platform.

We’re awash with ideas about what form a mobile Zelda game could take. Pot Ninja? Angry Cuccos? Skulltula Go? Perhaps we’d better leave it to the professionals.