At Zelda Universe, we are always looking for gracious, talented volunteers to help improve, build, and push the site toward our goals. Most recently, we sent out a hiring call for features writers and we were happy to bring on nearly 20 new volunteers! Now, though, our design team is in need of some assistance — hopefully we’ll receive just as large of a response from the community this time around!

The design team creates graphics for all of our content. Ongoing team projects include creating YouTube video thumbnails, creating custom graphics for news posts and features, and preparing screenshots and artwork for guides. Members of the design team have the opportunity to work closely with every other team. Their work often depends on yours!

The design team is split up into 3 groups: graphic designers, illustrators, and UI/UX designers.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers work closely with the other teams to create original graphics and modify existing graphics, for use in news stories, features, guides, and videos. This position will require the largest degree of cooperation skills of the three groups, as the projects assigned all come from other teams. Graphic designers must be highly skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator (or other comparable image creation/editing tools) and have access to recent versions of each. 


Illustrators create original works of art for use in guides, features, and other special projects. Illustrators will often assist graphic designers in the brainstorming process by helping sketch out ideas and contributing to the development of a design. Illustrators must be highly proficient in both traditional and digital art and must have access to recent versions of a powerful digital artwork tool (Corel Painter, Paint Tool SAI, Sketchbook Pro, etc.). Access to and skill in Photoshop and Illustrator are both recommended and preferred, but not required.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers are responsible for assisting in the designing of the site’s appearance and will be working closely with the design director and the leadership team in order to ensure that what they create gets coded and implemented correctly. Projects range from building page layouts to designing icons for use on an existing design. UI/UX designers will work alongside the graphic designers for many projects. Layout designers must have access to a wireframing application for drafting purposes (InDesign is a popular option), be skilled in both Photoshop and Illustrator, and have access to the recent versions of each. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is recommended and preferred, but not required.

Last, but definitely not least, you must be able to collaborate within the design team and outside in other areas of staff via our online chat tool and our project management tool. Additionally, you must be able to check in with us frequently (at least every other day) through those tools. We’ve got a very active and friendly staff — the more often you check in, the better time you’ll have, and the more friends you’ll make!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of the design team, shoot an email over to with the name of the position in the subject line and your application in the body. Your application should include, at minimum:

  • Your name
  • Your username on Zelda Universe or Zelda Wiki (if applicable)
  • Your age
  • IM screen names we can use to contact you if necessary (Skype, preferably)
  • The position you’re applying for and why you’re qualified.
    • Note: All applications for the design team must include a digital portfolio. These can be hosted online or uploaded as file attachments in your email. We want to see your best work, but displaying all of your talents is also important!
  • Any past experience working on a website (if applicable)
  • A detailed description of how you want to help out Zelda Universe
  • Any other information you’d like to add

Please note that we’re only looking for the best applications. Before you submit your application, you should thoroughly proofread it for spelling errors, grammatical errors, or any other errors of any kind. And make sure you’ve attached or linked us to your portfolio — we need to see what you can do! Without one, we might have to pass over your application and move on to the next.

Remember, like all positions at ZU, this is a volunteer position and we will not be able to compensate you for your work — however, you can always use the experience you gain here in your portfolio and we will be happy to provide references for you in the future!

Additionally, if graphic design and illustration aren’t your forte, you can check out our volunteer openings to see what other positions are available outside of the design team. If you think you’d be a good fit for another team listed there, send us your application for that team instead! All the necessary information for submitting an application can be found on that page.

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