This week was an interesting one for Nintendo. First, everyone’s favorite Italian from Brooklyn turns out for the Apple press conference and announces Super Mario Run. Then while looking for someway to kill time at work this morning, I noticed that “Top 5 Zelda Games” was trending on Twitter. I’ll give my top 5 at the end of this article, because you’re so curious! I will say this, since the internet can have a Zelda debate about the best Legend of Zelda out of the blue, it just goes to show how great these games and franchise is!

Majora’s Mask was also trending since most of the masses who participated with this hashtag have Majora’s Mask as their top Zelda game or in their top 5. Majora’s Mask is an enjoyable Zelda game but it never occurred to me that it had the fan following to appoint it “the top” Zelda game! One could argue that it does have a cult-like following, what with the various fans requesting a Majora’s Mask remake back when Operation Moonfall was in full gear. Majora’s Mask is one of the more challenging Zelda games and you have to be on your game to complete it. There are plenty of side quests to perform as well as that sinking feeling in your gut that the world of Termina will end in three days, since the moon is going to crush everyone. No pressure!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, and my own contribution to the “Top 5 Zelda Games” Twitter trend, here are my top five Zelda games!

  1. Ocarina of Time
  2. A Link To The Past
  3. Legend of Zelda-NES
  4. Majora’s Mask
  5. A Link Between Worlds

What do you guys think? Tell us your top five Zelda games in the comments below! We’re looking forward to reading all the controversial (and not so controversial) Zelda lists!

  • grevlinghore

    Hardcore Zelda fan here.
    I´ve long since concluded that OoT, MM and TP must share the top spot for me, as they´re all connected, all unique, and all equally great.
    Under that lies LttP, WW, Link´s Awakening and the original Legend of Zelda.

  • Steve Tyminski

    This was a tough choice for me. OoT and LttP are my favorite Zeldas and then there are countless others that could be on this list. Windwaker, TP, Minish Cap, Spirit Tracks. Each game has its own charm and makes them fun to play.

  • Aurora Fae

    Majoras Mask is definitely my all time favourite, I’m pretty obsessed with zelda as a whole and all the games are great, the only one that I can say I have a love hate relationship with is TP. I love it because its zelda, but think its probably the least great, even Adventure of link is higher than it on my favs. OoT, SS, MM, WW, LttP and LA, are life changing though.

  • Matt Fry

    I know it’s still not released yet but I have a feeling that breath of the wild will be among the top 5 once it’s here, but my top 5 list is
    Majoras Mask
    Ocarina of time
    Twilight princess
    Legend of Zelda -NES
    Wind Waker

  • Darkchief117

    1. Twilight Princess.
    2. A Link Between Worlds.
    3. Minish Cap.
    4. Skyward Sword.
    5. Majora’s Mask.

  • Mr. Phats

    1. Ocarina of Time
    2. Twilight Princess
    3. Wind Waker
    4. Majora’s Mask
    5. A Link to the Past
    2-5 can be rearranged in any order and I wouldn’t care, but Ocarina of Time is hands down my favorite.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    5- Twilight Princess
    4- Oracle of Ages/Seasons
    3- Link’s Awakening
    2- Ocarina of Time
    1- A Link to the Past.
    Nothing will EVER be better than ALTTP!

    But I have to say, I’ve never played Majora…

  • LinksDaydream

    Yay Majoras Mask, its my favourite too

  • 1. Majora’s Mask 3DS
    2. Link’s Awakening
    3. Oracle of Seasons
    4. Wind Waker HD
    5. A Link Between Worlds

    100. everything else

  • Marco Vargas

    1. Ocarina Of Time.
    2. Majoras Mask
    3. Twilight Princess.
    4. A link to the past.
    5. Link Between Worlds

  • rusVan

    1) Ocarina of Time- best video game in history. Period.
    2) Twilight Princess HD- very OOT-like in scope.
    3) Majora’s Mask HD- not as epic as TP, but almost.
    4)Legend of Zelda (NES)- my favorite game of all time until I played OOT. Still a GREAT game, has held up surprisingly well!
    5) Wind Waker HD- they nailed it, true-to-form Zelda, int he spirit of OOT and TP especially… epic, original score, new cast, new weapons and mechanics….
    6) Link to the Past-being in 6th places says a TON about how strong the Zelda series is!
    7) Minish Cap- Damn, I love this game, but short, naturally.
    8) Skyward Sword- wanted to love this more than I did, but it is epic and has some of the magic of the earlier entries.
    9) Link’s Awakening- great but short like Minish Cap
    10) Phantom Hourglass- yeah… I liked it a lot, more so than Link Between Worlds
    Honorable Mention: Link Between Worlds- ultimately a forgettable game, but it was a fun ride overall. Bit overrated, for sure!