Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand has announced three new Amiibo bundles for 3DS owners. Priced at AU$69.95 each, the bundles come with an Amiibo, a 3DS game, and the NFC Reader/Writer.

The three games getting the bundle treatment are Fire Emblem Conquest, Fire Emblem Birthright, and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Conquest and Birthright are bundled with Marth and Ike, respectively, while Smash Bros. comes with Samus. If you have an older 3DS model and haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy these fantastic games and their Amiibo functionality, these bundles are right up your alley.

3ds amiibo bundles

The bundles will be releasing on September 22, 2016. There are currently no announcements for the bundles in other territories, but the holidays may bring these or similar bundles to your local store.