I cry a lot. I always have, and I always will. It’s just a part of who I am.

It was very hard for me to go through most Zelda games without crying at least once; whether it was out of fear, sadness, or joy, there is no denying that I bawl my eyes out during every game. The Legend of Zelda overwhelms people’s emotions in just the right way, and I know that I’m not the only one who has shed a tear during these amazing journeys we take alongside of Link. I will never forget the first time I had to pause to take a moment to weep during Twilight Princess. 

Now if you have played Twilight Princess, you may already know the scene I’m going to write about (and if you have not played it, I suggest you read this article afterwards because there are spoilers ahead).

From the very beginning, I knew Colin was going to be a special kid. The way he adored Link was precious, and it tugged at my heartstrings when the other Ordon kids left him out all the time. When the time came, I was not expecting the shy boy to go out of his way to save Beth. I found myself so deeply in shock at what had just happened, a rage came over me when I saw Colin dangling from King Bulblin’s hand. I was so afraid he was a goner! When it comes to horseback mechanics, I was never really good, but I gave it my all to save the poor child.

Finally, the battle was over, and I was victorious. I felt so proud as Link raised his blade over his head in triumph. The next thing I knew, Colin was waking up in Link’s arms, and I was filled with relief. He opens his eyes, and the first thing he says is, “Link… Is everyone… OK?” That was trigger number one. As if his concern for the others wasn’t enough, the music starts to play, and knowing the gorgeous soundtracks from every Zelda game ever, already I’m starting to tear. Then Colin begins his speech about true strength, as he raises a trembling hand in the air, and my heart is breaking. Finally, Colin passes out, having very little strength left. The children who once bullied this frail child, now doing all that they can to help him. Talo uses all his strength to try and carry Colin back to safety before Renado picks him up and brings him away. Let the waterworks begin.

This sequence is my favorite of any Legend of Zelda cutscene. Everything was just beautiful, and it truly touched me.

I couldn’t handle it. I threw down my controller, and stuffed my face into the couch pillow, sobbing uncontrollably. When the normal Kakariko Village music began to play again, I got so mad, it was killing the mood — not to mention Link started yawning and kicking his boots as if he was waiting for me to stop. I couldn’t deal with that right now, I was still in mourning. I honestly thought Colin wouldn’t make it, and everything just went back to normal so quickly. I put it on mute to give myself some more time to cry (the Gorons could wait). Little did I know that this moment was only the first that would make me sob so hard.

Midna’s Lament is one of the most tragic parts of the game, and of course I was devastated trying to save her, but the part that got my in full-blown tears (again) was when Princess Zelda sacrificed herself to save the lovable imp. Once more, I was in disbelief. They couldn’t just kill off Zelda, the game was named after her! The transition from despair to gameplay was a little easier this time with a moment of silence, and Midna’s appreciation and lamentation for Zelda’s forfeit. Luckily, in this scenario, tears of sadness were later replaced with tears of joy when in the final battle, Zelda is revived, and a touching scene between the two princesses enacts. The tears of joy are cut short due to the next scene being Midna’s death, which rather had me more in shock than anything. I was certainly not expecting this, especially so soon after Zelda’s return, but shortly after I was brought to tears once again after Zelda after receives the light arrows. To this day I remember every line word for word;

“Link… Chosen Hero! Lend us the last of your power!”

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.16.48 AM

And the choir sings as Link holds out his hand to Zelda with a reassuring smile. To this day, this sequence is my favorite of any Legend of Zelda cutscene. Everything was just beautiful, and it truly touched me.

These were but a few of the many moments in Twilight Princess that made my eyes gloss over, and these are the moments that stood out to me the most. Twilight Princess was a roller coaster of emotions, but that’s what I love about it. To this day I can never watch them without feeling the same way as I did the first time. There are no more surprises, and I now know the game inside out, but every time I see Link holding Colin or Zelda slipping her hand into Link’s, I cry, and I think that’s just how it’s supposed to be.