When I first saw the design for Link in Hyrule Warriors, all I had to say was “fantastic”. He looked amazing, just like he does in this Hyrule Warriors fanart by Ferisae.

First and foremost, Link looks amazing. His hair, his hands, his expression; everything about the character himself looks great. Then there’s the style of the piece. The sketchy art style and the warm colors gives the piece more tension and ferocity, like Link is ready to save the day. I really love the way the colors are blended, and how they don’t necessarily fill in the lines. It is hard to do this and get it to look just right, but Ferisae pulls it off well! I also adore how the scarf is a cut off point, framing Link in the picture.

Seeing this work of art always makes me want to pull out my copy of Hyrule Warriors and fight some monsters. I think this may have been the one of the first pieces of fan art from the series that I have seen, and for it to have made an impact that I would remember it and want to review it is really quite something. I would love to see the artist possibly make multiple portraits like these with some of the other available fighters like Shiek or Linkle, or even Link in all his alternate costume colors! Wonderful work, and I hope to see more from this artist soon!