If the recently announced NES Classic Edition by Nintendo doesn’t suit your fancy — since it doesn’t support cartridges and instead has 30 pre-loaded games — perhaps the AVS by RetroUSB will. This NES clone outputs via HDMI at 720p, and accepts both NES and Famicom cartridges as well as four controller inputs. The console has a sleek NES-inspired look, and eschews software emulation in place of real hardware so that the system is compatible with every game and doesn’t have the flaws of other clones.

RetroUSB started out developing their own new games for NES, and have now created their own NES system. If you have an old NES that is starting to fail you and you need a replacement, or you are looking for the NES console that you never had, it would seem that the AVS is a smart option for you. The console starts at $185 and ships out in mid- to late September. Check out the product listing on their website for more information and specifications.