A few days ago, Nintendo teased fans with a short video featuring the ruins of the Temple of Time, and this time Nintendo are back again to tease some more. This time however, it’s not a showcase of a location or iconic building, but rather the cute and lovely Koroks.

The presence of Koroks in this game have led some to believe that this Hyrule is the same Hyrule that was left behind at the end of the Wind Waker, where King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule decides to stay behind and presumably drown along with the rest of the land. Coincidentally enough, the old man featured in the Breath of the Wild demo is eerily similar to the king, boasting the same incredible beard and similar facial features. Could this Hyrule actually be the same Hyrule where the Hero of Winds defeated Ganondorf? Time will soon tell! In the meantime, let out some “aww”s and allow yourself to be enchanted by the Koroks’ cuteness at Nintendo’s Facebook page.

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  • Will

    This game may take place after the Great Flood recedes, at the same time as Spirit Tracks, but located in Old Hyrule.

  • Ryan Haney

    Didn’t the Koroks say, in Wind Waker, to visit them at their trees when a mighty forest had grown? Here we come. ?

  • DimensionalRanger

    I’ve just given up on placing this game in the timeline due to the plethora of conflicting evidence. I’ll just have to see if the Aonuma, Miyamoto or the game itself will tell me.

  • Luis Espinoza

    Queremos ver otra localidad , Otra area del mapa que no fue mostrada en el E3 , Queremos ver algun personaje segundario alguna aldea , Si muy bonito el mundo si , pero muestren otra cosa

  • epsben

    Didn’t the korok become kokiri and take up hylian form because Link was growing up with the Deku tree in Ocarina of time?

    • Vladislak

      Nah, you’ve more or less got it backwards. The Kokiri appeared as children in Ocarina of Time, but then Wind Waker is AFTER Ocarina of Time. The Koroks are the form the Kokiri chose to take in response to the flooding that led to Wind Waker.