If you’re attending this year’s Gamescom in Germany, and have been wondering how to gain access to the playable demo of Breath of the Wild that will be present there, then listen up!

For starters, know that the demo will not be available to play to all who attend. To play and experience the game in all its wonderful (yet limited) glory, you need to do one of two things. The first option is to enter a fan-contest, in which you will have to either conjure a Zelda-themed drawing, a picture of your Zelda collection, or a picture of yourself in Zelda cosplay, basically submit anything Zelda-related in. From here, 50 winners will be chosen, and those 50 lucky ducks will get the chance to play the demo. The deadline to enter this contest is August 8. Then, an expert panel of judges will choose the winners, after which these winners will be contacted by Nintendo through email. The only condition in order to enter the contest is nationality; only citizens of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are allowed to participate.

However, if you excel in video-games rather than the art side of things, then you will also get a chance to play the demo through those means. Nintendo will be holding four tournaments: a Pokken, a Smash Bros., a Splatoon, and a Mario Kart 8 tournament. Emerge victorious in any of these four tournaments, and as a prize you will get to play the E3 demo of Breath of the Wild. So, in total, 54 lucky visitors will get the chance to play this game.

Gamescom in Germany will be held from August 17 through 21. You can get all the info for the event at Nintendo Germany’s website.

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