When Tri Force Heroes first came out, a lot of us questioned: “What ever happened to Purple Link?” There are supposed to be four Link’s, right? Alas, he never made his way into the game, and we can only speculate where Purple may have wandered. I suppose he went off to a distant land on his own fantastic quest.

Adventures of Purple” by PRllNCE on DeviantArt features a lone Purple Link gazing out into the distance, with a cape draped around his shoulders, rippling in the wind. As well as a great stimulant for the imagination, the art is beautifully executed. The texture in the hair stands out greatly to me. The shading on the clothes and swirling details are very easy on the eyes also. Though this art is not in the toon style we are used to, the artist’s own technique is very reminiscent of the original artwork in details such as the belt buckle and green pin on the cape. I personally adore the style, as it seems to take some inspiration from anime.

Though the background is subtle, it’s great to see the detail that PRllNCE put into the piece based on the concept. The landscape appears to be sand dunes, and scattered around the art are grains of sand drifting throughout the piece, being whipped around by the wind. This background along with Purple’s adventuring garment really gives the piece a more daring feel to it, which is one of the things I admire most about this work of art.

It’s a wonderful thing when an artist can not only create a beautiful looking piece of art, but also tells a story. I see so many different stories when I look at this drawing. Purple Link could be setting out on his own journey, or he could already be there having just defeated a worthy adversary. I see many interpretations of this artwork, which is amazing with the subject being so simple as just one character.

I’ve always had a particular fondness towards Purple Link. I know he’s just a copy in the actual game, and maybe I just liked the color (I still do; ask anyone who plays me in Super Smash Bros), but seeing this art gives me a warm feeling inside. I’m so thrilled to see an artist pay tribute to him — and only him. No Blue, Red, or Green, just Purple. I just have to thank the artist for doing this, and doing such a wonderful job on it as well. For me personally, this is one of my favorite pieces of Legend of Zelda fanart by far.

Lastly, I must thank PRllINCE once more for allowing me to write about his work. He is a fantastic artist, and his DeviantArt is absolutely worth a look.