To me, the art of covering a song is as much about interpreting the music in your own way as it is staying true to the original.  And with that in mind, this wonderful rearrangement of “Midna’s Theme” from Twilight Princess hits the nail right on the head.

The original track is only a snippet of a song really; an eerie piece that hints at a playful demeanour shrouded by old mysteries — a light in the dark, if you will.  Australian jazz group, ‘The Consouls’, have done a superb job extending the short track into a full-blown song, giving a much greater body to the piece with real ebbs and flows that likens the music wonderfully to an adventure story.

The song is delightfully easy listening; it has a complexity that never threatens to overwhelm and a simplicity that allows you to thoroughly enjoy everything that’s on offer.

Substituting in the piano changes the mood of the piece significantly, but I think that the higher melody played alongside the double bass shares a great likeness to the duality of Midna’s character displayed throughout the game.

I particularly love the final thirty seconds or so, as the percussion begins to ramp up and we hear the rising fervour in piano; the sound of the original piece really comes through but there’s an added sense of drama that sums up Twilight Princess so well.

Whilst incredibly different from the original, this rearrangement is a great listen and reflects more of Midna than perhaps it would seem on the surface.