Every August, Game Informer magazine runs a special “E3 Hot 50” feature, and this year’s issue has two cover options for two of this E3’s hottest games: Breath of the Wild and God of War. Artist Alex Griendling was commissioned to create the two covers, and the result is a stylized design that features the iconic main characters from each game: Link and Kratos.

The E3 Hot 50 issue promises to be around 90 pages summarizing all the new game reveals, console announcements, and the latest technology including VR that featured at the expo. Game Informer will also be issuing grades to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft based on their shows, and ranking what they think were the 50 best games. Some of the biggest games will have multi-page previews, and these aren’t limited to just Breath of the Wild and God of War; titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and South Park: The Fractured But Whole will also be featured.



The digital issue of August’s Game Informer is available now and the print issue should be out within the next week.