For years Nintendo’s main goal was simple: allow everyone to play their games and enjoy them. They wanted every audience to be able to enjoy the likes of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. Looking back at the Wii is a great example of how Nintendo pushed this goal to the limit. They didn’t care if they were perceived as the “non-hardcore” system for a younger audience. However, after the sub-par performance of the Wii U, Nintendo needed to change how things were run behind the scenes and by the look of things, that’s exactly what they’re doing!

During the most recent shareholders’ meeting Nintendo announced that a major shift in their philosophy needs to take place. They’re moving away from having the most people playing their games to getting their properties seen by the most people. It seems similar to a “word of mouth” mentality where the more something is mentioned or said, the more it will be in the public eye. That strategy becomes apparent when you take a look at what Nintendo has planned for the future. They want to start using their intellectual properties in movies again and in theme parks. Not everyone who goes to the movies or theme parks may play video games, so if they can tap into these demographics things could be looking up for the Big N.

Things should be fine if Nintendo follows this approach as long as they stay away from what the 1993 Super Mario Brothers movie was! It might be a good idea to start small in the movie department, like having Mario in the Wreck-It-Ralph movie sequel (did you catch Bowser’s cameo in the first?) or an appearance similar to Donkey Kong’s in Pixels. They should go nuts in terms of the theme park idea since everyone would love to ride a roller coaster with Yoshi or drive Mario Kart go-karts!

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