Prince Altea versus the Legendary Hero, Falchion against the Master Sword, who will win this ultimate face-off?

“Sudden Death” by CharlieRomeo on DeviantArt is an art piece of two of Nintendo’s greatest swordsmen locked in combat. Along with the Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem has been a favorite game franchise of mine ever since I was young. For me to see heroes from my two favorite series clashing in battle is something magnificent to behold. It’s fun to imagine the many outcomes of this clash, and it makes me yearn for a Fire Emblem / Legend of Zelda official crossover (well, more than I already have been).

Not only is the concept great, but the actual artwork is impressive as well. I am usually a little wary of realistic fan art, but this piece is by all means an exception. The detail in the hair is quite stunning! Other fine points such as the jewel on Marth’s cape and Links Master Sword are beautifully done, and the lighting is just perfect. The background is also fantastic, adding tension with storm clouds and bursts of lightning.

Ever since Super Smash Bros. Melee, a battle between Link and Marth has been possible, and I am thankful that Nintendo has made this a reality, but I do long for something more. Artists like CharlieRomeo fill that curiosity that lingers within me to see what would happen if these two heroes crossed paths, and cause the imagination to wander. To those artists of crossovers, I say go ahead, be curious and let your imagination run wild!