Motion controls are a hot topic in the Zelda community, From Twilight Princess’s original integration, to Skyward Sword’s shaky E3 demonstration, motion controls have been a large gameplay factor in recent Zelda titles. Fans have rarely been on the fence concerning this mechanic, and MatPat of the hit web show Game Theory puts motion controls on the spot in his new episode of Deadlock.

Joining MatPat is Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie defends the mechanic stating that it helps immerse the playing into the world of Hyrule. MatPat, on the other hand, cites the ease of button controlled game play and issue of lag associated with wireless controllers.

In the end though, as it is with any episode of Deadlock, the final verdict is up to the viewer. What will you decide? Do motion controls really ruin gaming? Or is it innovation like that that keeps the video game industry alive?