Earlier this year, we learned that an exclusive Shadow Link action figure was coming to Spencer’s stores..What we didn’t know at the time was that the action figure was just one piece of an exclusive collection of merchandise called “The Shadow Collection“.

Spencer’s was kind enough to send us a sample of the product series to share with you. A couple members of our team, Alex (who you may know from our Twitter account or our game-dubbing projects) and myself, had a chance to spend some time with the merchandise.

Here’s what Alex had to say:

  • “The hat feels comfortable; it’s easy to adjust with the strap in the back. The front flappy part is a little long, but it’s not bad overall.”
  • “The rubber wristband is nice and looks cool. A little tight to get on a first, so you’ll need to stretch it out a bit.”
  • “The wallet looks clean and neat. When putting cards in the sleeves and cover pockets, it feels extremely tight. It might just need to broken in, or may be a product issue.”
  • “The Shadow Link shirt is great and feels comfortable. It’s a recoloring of the Twilight Princess Link so it’s not that “shadowy” in terms of originality.”
  • The Shadow Link figure is cool, but up close you can easily see the painting marks. It stands really well and is easy to pose. The sword can be taken out of its holster, and the shield looks cool. I was able to get Link to hold both sword and shield in his left hand, but it is difficult to put the shield in his right hand due to the handle and clamp placement.
  • Overall I would give the merchandise a 8.5/10 for cool color designs and how they mash well together.”

In my time with the merchandise, I had a similar experience (though I didn’t get the pleasure of opening the action figure). The wallet is very similar to another Zelda-themed wallet that I own. It’s a very nice wallet and holds an ID, cash, and credit cards easily. However, I’ve found that it’s difficult to put business cards in the wallet. That may seem old-fashioned, but business cards are still used frequently in, well, business.

My other critique also echoes Alex: None of the merchandise really has any unique “Shadow Link” imagery. The images of “Shadow Link” are just recolored official artwork of “Regular Link.” The artwork has been recolored to grayscale and the eyes are changed to red, but otherwise is the same as the original artwork. Even the action figure is just a recoloring of the Ocarina of Time Link action figure that was previously released in the World of Nintendo series of toys.

But that doesn’t make any of the merchandise look any less cool.

We received a small sample of the series, but there are other products available in the series including other t-shirts and hats as well as mugs, socks, and necklaces. The entire series is available to view and purchase online at Spencer’s website.

We’d like to thank Spencer’s for giving us the opportunity to provide you an early look at the merchandise.