Today we are continuing our video coverage of Breath of the Wild. Yesterday, we shared my playthrough of the story demo. Today, join me, Joshua Lindquist, as I play through the exploration demo on the show floor at E3 2016. The other demo on the show floor starts off at the beginning of the game and allowed me to play through the story, but this demo began with a fully equipped (and fully clothed) Link and quickly gave me access to both the traditional sword, shield, and bow, but also new weapons like the Boko Club and Farmer’s Pitchfork.

This demo set me free to explore a small portion of Hyrule, the Great Plateau, but despite having played through the demo twice (and watching countless others play through it as well), I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface of the content in this area.

Unfortunately, these two demos were the only portions of the game available to view at E3 2016, but stay tuned for our continuing coverage of this brand new Legend of Zelda game, including an E3 2016 recap in our weekly Zelda News series. Subscribe to Zelda Universe on YouTube for the latest Breath of the Wild videos.