This post may contain spoilers for Breath of the Wild

Our own Joshua Lindquist is on the show floor of E3! An expert on all things Zelda in the truest sense, there’s nobody better to play through the Breath of the Wild story demo. So if you’ve been wondering what happens when a Zelda veteran gets his hands on a new Zelda game, look no further:

The story demo itself raises more questions than it answers. What actually is Calamity Ganon? Is it Ganon himself? Or is it just an extension of his power?

We’re not done, though — we’ll be back tomorrow with an overview of the exploration portion of Nintendo’s demo. Stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to Zelda Universe on YouTube for the latest Breath of the Wild videos!

  • Valwin Mediaz

    i hope the final game does not turn out boring walking around can get old really fast

    • Kelly

      From what I’ve seen, there are a lot of interesting ways to travel. Horseback. Air gliding. Shield surfing. And I’m sure there will be warp areas.

      • Alex Endsley

        Each shrine will act as a warp point once you open it. XD

    • Joshua Lindquist

      I don’t think this is going to be a problem. They’ve taken a lot of inspiration from other modern games. You can fast travel to visited landmarks; that alone will cut down travel time to places you’ve already been.

    • Sebastian Vix

      The best thing so far is no level-up grinding, although collecting cooking items could be seeing as repetitive but probably we’ll be able to get all the stuff we need while exploring and looking for shrines, quite similar to LoZ 1 😀

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