Shuhei Yoshida, President of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, recently gave his thoughts on the many games he was excited about and looked forward to the release of. While he mentioned obvious games, such as Spider-Man, Farpoint, and God of War, he also showed enthusiasm for Nintendo’s sole E3 demo, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, according to Wholesome Gamer.

“I just played Zelda! The new Zelda game. You know, open world, and hunting. And I had a bizarre feel, this feels like Horizon. This is an epic, huge game. I cannot wait to play Zelda again when it comes out.”

Are you as excited for Breath of the Wild as Shuhei Yoshida?

  • Dan0709

    lol he compared it to horizon… i sense he was a bit sarcastic, but maybe that’s just me thinking everyone is evil lol. Hopefully he actually meant that he liked it.

  • True Davad

    I like how he admits he enjoys the competition. That is a sign of honesty I find refreshing. Then again, who isn’t excited to see what will happen with this major experiment of a Zelda game. I think it will be amazing and I think most agree. Cheers to honestly admitting when the competition is good!

    • You’re the only one here claiming that there’s a competition. He just likes the Zelda series and compared some aspects of with Horizon, nothing else.
      If you really had knowledge of gaming industry you should know that the only competition is against piracy, logistics, media and tributes.

      • GreenLinkMaster

        he is not the only one. think up any claim you can, crazy, absurd, or rational. I can bet you that what ever you come up with, there are already thousands of people around the world who would agree or already support the claim.
        I’ve read quotes from PlayStation developers that basically suggest that they think Nintendo is for children, and PlayStation is for the big kids and adults. Ik the console wars are suppose to be long over, but even a recent gamefly commercial suggested the same thing.
        the kid starts in a Link costume when the gamefly guy comes to the door with a game, and he says something like “oh, a cute little elf”. then the kid changes costumes each time he gets there with a new game, going through sonic, mega man, and eventually has a halo costume on. the gamefly guys says something like “oh, look who’s growing up”. it pisses me off.

        • Of course, every game is focused in some playerbase, mostly segregated by age, it’s part of the development, even bofore concept art research o_õ.
          Nintendo original games doesn’t focus on age, but in games that can provide fun. The quality of their games are always the finest possible because they care a lot about every aspect that could ruin the fun (Satoru Okada once said that playing a game with high quality graphics doesn’t mean you’re having fun).
          Imho, you get pissed for so few :c
          As we say in my country “Don’t warm your a***ole with a thin d**k”. Let that idiots say whatever they want .-.

      • True Davad

        Nintendo makes one console and Nintendo makes another, by definition they are in competition. I’m being nice as a hardcore Nintendo fan, could you not ruin it by throwing random criticism that doesn’t even make sense.

        • If you are a fanboy, there’s no point of explaining about competition in economic aspect yo you xD

          • True Davad

            Don’t be a jerk. You are still ruining it with criticism that doesn’t belong. I have
            had a huge conversation on another site where the other party admitted to having been too quick to calling me a fanboy who doesn’t listen to criticism to his favorite company. I also just finished an economics course in college. They make competing products, so they are automatically competition. Denying that shows that, if anything, YOU are the one who knows nothing about economics.

          • “I’m being nice as a hardcore Nintendo fan”
            Oh my, you called yourselfa fanboy xD hahaha.
            You have your opinion, I have mine, and for a question of discrepacy between our knowledge levels (and here comes your replica saying mine is the lower one u.ú), I don’t want to accept your superficial argument. This kind of argument you have is the seed of all the toxic flaming we have in all gaming forums, people calling themselves Boxists, Sonysts or Nintendist (PC user doesn’t care, their games are almost free) fighting each other to see how dumbest is the other.

            Oh! And congratulations for your graduation, didn’t knew USA had so awful universities 😀

          • True Davad

            Don’t be so rude. You haven’t one backed up your argument that they are not it competition once. I said hardcore Nintendo fan not fanboy. I took an economics course, you have not given any credentials to knowing economics. You are the one being toxic here. All you do is say I am wrong without backing yourself up properly. Why are getting personal by the way? Also, who says I am in the US? Are you stalking me or something?

          • Just organizing your pointless questions
            1- Rude
            It’s your point of view if you don’t like different facts and opinion than yours. Doesn’t like it? Not my problem, we live in a democratic country

            2- Not having someone giving me credit for what I said
            This is a Zelda community that covers news, guides and articles, not a place do discuss economic aspects of gaming industry. Still, no one backed your argument too, you just mentioned a forum and a graduation. You know, you don’t have to prove me anything but anyone can be anything in the internet, if you know what I mean :).
            Just clarifying my perspective about you:
            – You don’t know about economics? I don’t care, I’m not your teacher
            – You know about economics? Still the same, I don’t care, Didn’t come here to talk about concepts I have to every day in job.

            4- “Hardcore nintendo fan” – Congratulations, you now know how fanboys call themselves 😀

            5- “You are the one being toxic”
            If you say so, sorry ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            6- “I took an economics course, you have not given any credentials to knowing economics”
            I’ll let you keep concluding that I’m not graduated in economics, if it calms you for a while. You know, freaking like this is not good to your health (▰︶︹︺▰)
            Because it makes a lot of sense. Just consider I’m not graduated in economics: Voilá! I automatically have no credentials to know and talk about economics, how problematic it’d be if the same was aplied to physics, chemistry, english, journalism, riding a bike~ . Yeah, it makes a lot of sense 😀

            7- “All you do is say I am wrong without backing yourself up properly. ”
            Just a variation of 2

            8- Getting it personal
            Eh? You answer me daily and I’m the one getting it personal? Well, I don’t care, anything I say is wrong for you, so it doesn’t matter if say I don’t :/

            9- Living in the US
            Just a guess, UK universities have better graduation parameters, thinking like this you wouldn’t pass the 2nd semester xD

            P.S.: Oh my, you are a hit on facebook, my friends and students have shared your quote these 2 days, it’s so funny, thanks for it! XD

          • True Davad

            Meant Nintendo makes one console, Sony makes another console, which does automatically make them in competition. That was what you were disputing in the first place, yet you offered nothing to dispute it. Now to review your points.

            1. Calling me a fanboy like that and essentially saying that it would be pointless to explain economics to me was rude. Wasn’t calling any real points rude. Just your name calling and you baseless accusation that I can’t understand economics.

            2. You made a personal attack saying I wouldn’t understand economics. That is why I brought up my economics course, to show your baseless accusation was wrong. That is the only reason it matters here, because you went into whether I can understand economics.

            3. Looks like you forgot a number.

            4. Hardcore Nintendo fan simply means I really like Nintendo games. It does not make me a fanboy. I play non-Nintendo games too. I just really like Nintendo games. If you don’t like Nintendo games, Zelda being a Nintendo series that this sight is dedicated to, then why are you even on this site?

            5. Baseless personal attacks like when you called me a fanboy are toxic.

            6. You going out of your way to deny competition that is obvious is why you clearly don’t understand economics. Not whether you earned credentials or not.

            7. You still haven’t backed up your original statement even thought I explained why it was wrong. The one this whole thing is about. Kinda important actually.
            8. Calling me a fanboy and saying I can’t understand economics is making it personal.

            9. I didn’t insult your country, stop insulting mine. And you had no way to know I was American. Are you a stalker? Because overseas stalking is probably weirder than stalking already is. But in all seriousness that was another assumption you should not make.

            Lastly, okay, I made a typing mistake in my explanation. It still doesn’t change the point. Now can you back up you orignal statement or admit you messed up. I am getting tired of this to be honest.

          • Haha, you came late today, waited for your reply my whole lunchtime xD. Thanks for replying before bed time :3
            You came with a dispute, not me 😀

            1- “I get hurt of everything some random over the internet says to me, how rude! I want points, I want so bad to discuss show how much I pseudo-know without people contradicting me :S ”
            Sorry man, you are totally right, didn’t meant to hurt your feelings :/ , there’s a huge marketing war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo that I was so blind and couldn’t see because I’m idiot and you are an internet genius with credentials to know economics :/

            2- This is not a personal attack, this is my opinion about people…. “like you”. And go on, keep saying you had an economics course … saying it will, of course, change everything because everyone will believe it, aaaand, automatically it makes you right about every topic about economis ^w^

            *Bad luck number for this month according to Bagua

            4- “I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan” is how a fanboy call itself, don’t blame it on me, ok? Just deal with it
            Congratulations, play everything you like, this is what games are made for.
            How have you concluded such a stupid thing? I grew playing this and will for the rest of my life, this is an absurd, wth? Are you a lawyer or someting idiotic like this to supose something like this?

            5- I said “sorry”. If you don’t want to accept, not my problem ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

            6- This send us back to when it started.
            a) I have my perspective about market
            b) …and you have yours
            a) I respect yours one, even knowing it is what the fanbase thinks and not judging it as biased
            b) You say I’m ruining some “fun” or anything else, and disrespects my point of view, I still chill and you keep relplying me with stuff my facebook students are laughing about the whole week.

            I don’t mean to explain you why this is not a competition, you clearly shows you don’t know about economis, marketshare and music/media/gaming industry, and Alvin Toffler already predicted this fragmented knowledge profile you have, there’s no point showing reality for this your kind.

            7) (ό‿ὸ)ノ { Up here )

            8) You think it is personal because you need to pretend you are hurt for this, adults doesn’t take this as personal, mainly coming from a random you don’t even know or care. I’ll not say I’m sorry if it was disrespectful to you because you think this is toxic, so, deal with it
            (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゜

            9) Why overseas? Have you assumed it just because I said UK? ヾ(*Ő౪Ő*)
            [tl;dr]USA is an awesome place, just too expensive to study but awesome in a lot of aspects, including education but everyone knows that mostly “parallel colleges” have low parameters for… not so good students. This is not just in USA, it is happening in the whole latin america and part of SEA, there’s a lot of people with university degree in mechanics,civil and aerospace engineering that doesn’t know fluid mechanics and fractal.
            UK and some european countries are well known for its high standards before giving a degree. Mostly netizens speak english nowadays but it is just obvious to expect the major of the community to be from USA, and when you pointed your opinion, it became more clear from where you are.[/tl;dr] Anyway, it’s just a theory, you might be from another country, who knows. And don’t get mad by the possibility of someone stalking you. You think it is weird to stalk someone overseas? What do you think about what we are doing? I already assumed I don’t want to argue about my perspective (with you, because you look “not the ideal person to have a constructive talk” in your affirmations).

            Oh, so it ruins most of our fun because we tought you meant that :/ .
            Anyway, even if it was Nintendo vs Sony, it stills a very “fanbiased” perspective, which I respect because it give us good flame wars between fans. If you said Coke and Pepsi, Microsoft and Linux, ok, I’d agree with you but Nintendo and Sony, well, it was like
            ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) { Hey mom, look, I defecate with my mouth repeating what most of hardcore Sony and Microsoft fans do!)
            Now I’ll end again not backing anything because I’m not obliged and don’t want to.
            For your kind, this means I have no real arguments, and I don’t care, if you are so bad about economics, ain’t my part to teach you for free. Sleep well and don’t get tired, see you tomorrow and tomorrow .

            p.s.: today you wrote a so dramatic reply, hope you come with better stuff tomorrow, I’m getting used to have so much likes and shares on facebook thanks to you. Talk about feminism next time and that it fights for isonomy between genders XD , it will be fun to post.

          • True Davad

            You went out of your way to say I was wrong and never explained why. I was trying to get a constructive answer out of you but you refused and made many assumptions about who I am for personal attacks. I’m tired of this.

            I really don’t care what you think to be honest, I just thought your original reply to my orignal comment was stupid and am tired of baseless fanboy accusations.

            I don’t plan to respond again as I am seriously tired of this, so goodbye.

          • o_õ Don’t go, please

  • Dan0709

    I sense so much sarcasm here lol