For a gamer, nothing quite stokes the fires of excitement like the arrival of E3, and unless you’ve been living under a sizable rock since the show, you’ll know that Nintendo took the decision to focus almost entirely on the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U and NX, finally unveiled as ‘Breath of the Wild’.  It’s a release that the world awaits with baited breath and one that I am personally incredibly eager to get my hands on following E3.

There’s always a buzz in the gaming community when a new Zelda release is on the horizon; it’s a tangible anticipation that shifts into a joyous awe once the wait is finally over and you can begin to explore the brand new world and all its inhabitants.



This jaw dropping piece from UnidColor captures that sense of awe magnificently, and inspires in me the wide-eyed sense of adventure that lies at the very heart of the Zelda franchise.  And when you think that the piece was drawn long before details of the game were released, the Swede has clearly captured the feel of Breath of the Wild eerily well.

At first the deep perspective and sheer size of the piece almost threaten to overwhelm, but looking closer, the individual details begin to ground you in what is clearly a rich, expansive world.  Beautifully layered sky; lush, breathing flora; and the roads well-travelled, but undoubtedly fraught with danger, only begin to hint at what’s in store over the horizon.

And while the huge rock formation at the centre of the piece sets a grand scale for what awaits us, it’s the weathered stone monoliths that pique my interest most — what lost civilisations do they belong to, what ancient artefacts are awaiting to be discovered and what monumental task must be overcome?  As our hero stands at the centre of the scene, gazing out on the vista with a steely determination, it is easy to believe that this instalment will be the most immersive yet.

What do you hope for from the next episode in the saga of the Legendary Hero?