In Zelda games past, it took nothing short of a glitch to progress to the final dungeon before it was time. However, thanks to the truly open-air design of Breath of the Wild, players may head off in any direction they want — including straight to the final boss.

This is A Link Between World‘s non-linear progression on steroids. Never before has the player had such control on how they personally play a Zelda game.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma does not recommend this method of completion as it is not possible to receive the full experience of the game. However, he also stated that “Whether you want to reveal the storyline and find out why Link woke up, or you want to just go straight to the goal, that’s an option totally up to the user.”

Breath of the Wild: Dark Castle at night

Players of Breath of the Wild will receive a unique experience never before offered in a Zelda game. Where will you head on your adventure?

  • TheShadowHatter

    sounds like Aonuma can show Sakurai a thing or two about giving players the choice without crying about YouTube.

    Here you have an option to completely spoil and ruin your experience with the game, but Aonuma leaves it up to you, while Sakurai removes a fun and awesome story experience from Smash Bros just because “hurrr you’d just YouTube it!”.

    Bravo to Aonuma!

    • CEObrainz

      Or…you know a classic mode that’s actually classic as well as that mario party rip-off.

      But honestly I just want this game now.

  • Moonie/Trekie | Josh Broughm

    Awesome & Frightening. Going straight to the final boss STONE COLD…No upgrades, NOTHING……Its straight savage.

  • Joana Cartageno

    I know everything is about evolution. But here’s something I want to point out: Zelda games have been Zelda game for over 30 years now. The games are very different from one another and yet, share a soul in common. That soul is what makes the difference, what tells me I’m playing a Nintendo game and not an Xbox game. That soul is what got us crying when OoT was over. That’s the point, I don’t see that soul in this game. There might be Zelda characters, that might be Link, that shadow was Ganon and Zelda might be hiding somewhere but, it doesn’t feel like a Zelda game. If you read the Nintendo website for preordering Breath of the Wild (name that, to me, sounds pretty dumb. I mean, yeah, there’s nature and everything but, is nature so important -so much more important than the argument and story- that the title is about it?), it says “forget everything you know about a Zelda game”… dear Nintendo, if I wanted to forget everything I know about Zelda games and play a game that is not similar to Zelda games, I’d play Skyrim or Assasin’s Creed. Believe me, if I buy a Zelda game, is because I want to play a f**cking Zelda game. If Nintendo wanted to do something so far away from the concept we’ve always had about this franchise, then why didn’t they just create an entire new franchise? They create fabolous games and characters, and let them rott and be forgotten to move into things nobody asked for. Yes, we might have complained that TP world was empty, but nobody asked for a game in which you can’t explore and a robot is telling you how many chances you have to be doing the right thing so you can’t even get lost. And yes, we said that SS was linear but we didn’t ask for a game that moves on from every single game on the franchise… maybe something in the middle would’ve been okay. It’s as if Nintendo took our complaints and suggestions and discarded everything good about a game, to move into a game that only improved the flaws of the previous game, without keeping what was good in it.
    Nintendo has always been about evolution and innovation. That’s what I like about them – but one thing is to innovate and evolve, and something really different is to destroy a franchise and create something new when you have a 30 years old franchise everybody loves.

    • The developers purposefully left towns and characters out of this build. I’d say to wait a bit, because I have a feeling that you’re going to see most of what you’d expect from a Zelda title.

      • Joana Cartageno

        You’re probably right! Maybe they focused too much on this “open world” concept and forgot there’re still fans who don’t care that much about game play and just want to live a good story

    • Diego Castagne

      So you are not a real fan, you simply don’t understand it, THIS precisely is what the creator Shigeru Miyamoto wanted for the series, since Zelda I, that btw is not linear and if you notice this game is strongly based on the concepts introduced on THE VERY FIRST ZELDA GAME. The team that makes Zelda a reality always wanted to do this, this was the focus all along, giving some order choices in some games, but the technology of that time wouldn’t permit to reach that quality of content so they had to discard. With Skyward Sword they went out of focus, delivering a crappy game targeted to younger kids and making it everything but a Zelda game. This time around, you can not only see the so called by you “soul”, but actually this game is the very essence of the saga, and if you are so closed minded, and short sightened to not understand it, my friend you are not a real fan and you don’t deserve to trow dirt like that at this game, nor the game deserves it. Just because you can’t understand the real essence of the game, it doesn’t mean it’s there. This is one, if not the best, Zelda game, that I look forward to play.
      Thank you for your attention and have a good night, ma’am.

      • Joana Cartageno

        I haven’t insulted nor have I thrown dirt at this game. I truly love Zelda games and Nintendo. I will happily play this game and I might as well be wrong. I have played the games and I have read Hyrule Historia (I read it once again today to see if I could figure out where in the timeline would I locate this new game) and even when I know an open world was the idea (an idea that was hard to implement due to the technology), having an open world and discarding things you have created and fans like is what I believe is a mistake. Now, decades have passed since the first game, and the franchise took a way -whether they wanted it or not-. Maybe I was a little pissed off because I like story much more than gameplay and I don’t want to explore, I want to feel I have been there (the first game I played was OoT when I was eleven years old -I’m from a country where games are extremely expensive and arrive a little late haha- and I still feel I haven’t played, I HAVE BEEN THERE), and to me, the way Zelda games achieve that, is with the story and the characters. If you introduce to me a game that’s called “breath of the wild” and only tell me how big the world is, how free you’ll be to do things, don’t show me or tell me anything about a background story and only discard things that were always there, asking me to “forget everything I know about Zelda games” well, sorry if I get a little scared! Where I live, I am the only Zelda fan I know, there’re no events, consoles are impossible to buy due to its prices and games are really hard to get. Maybe I was a little too harsh with my comment. I would never say a Zelda game is crap, I love them. I even liked SS haha there were things about that game that I found pretty interesting (it was really complicated, the story was nice -it explained many things-, the enemies were original and many of the dungeons were cool). I felt deeply disappointed when I watched the trailer yesterday, why didn’t you? Am I missing something?
        Thank you, even when you got pissed at me, talking about Zelda games is fun! Have a good night/day!

    • Ramon Medina

      Have you played the first two Zelda games? Maybe you’re too young. I remember playing them when I was 7. You get thrown into a world with no direction, no intro sequence, no cut-scenes, no narration, no companion, nothing. And you just explore, and interact with the world, until you figure out what to do.

      As you explore, you’ll find the dungeons. You can do the dungeons in the intended order, but nothing forces you to. The world if full of secret items and caves to find.

      This game feels exactly like that. THIS is The Legend of Zelda at its core. I couldn’t be happier with what they’ve presented so far.

    • Brogue Kick Hooligan

      I respect your passion, but I’d point out that people said that Ocarina of Time wouldn’t be a true Zelda game because of the departure in perspective. Patience, friend. There’s much we’ve yet to see.

      • Joana Cartageno

        I was a little pissed when I wrote that comment haha now I’m just reading Hyrule Historia once more to see if I can figure out where in the timeline would I put this game!

  • Ma’goria

    Just having hard time believing this. Maybe there has been a translation error / some misununderstanding. Maybe what Aonuma ment was that you can reach the final boss early, but you can’t beat it before reaching certain point later in the game. Or maybe he ment to say that there’s optional areas which reveal more of the story, but are not mendatory for completing the game.
    But if this really is the case then I can see it turning against itself pretty quickly both gameplay and story wise . What’s the point of exploring if you know that you can’t find or accomplish anything that will helpt you to beat the game. Why would Link wonder around if he’s from the start strong enough to take down the main villain?
    Zelda is not Dark souls, the end boss is not going to be hard anyhow. Maybe tedious based on your damage, but not hard. Reaching the end game and final boss should be a memorable accomplisment, but it’s not if you can do it straightaway. Making the game’s end available like that would be just the most lacklusting and anti-climatic thing ever and I can’t see the reason to give the player the “freedom of choice” to skip 99% of the content the game has to offer. But as said earlier it’s prolly just misunderstandment.

    • Casidaisy

      Well, as he says, it’s up to the user. For those who want to have that memorable experience, who want to take their time with the game, they can. Those who want to see what the final boss is like, can. You can’t say it’s a min understanding or a misinterpretation when this is what every report/article is saying about the game. Just because it’s not something YOU think will work, doesn’t make it wrong.

    • Michael Cortorreal

      You really think Link is going to be strong enough to fight the last boss just like that? :’D that was funny man.
      The fact you can reach the final boss, doesn’t mean you will be able to beat him just like that.

      But to each their own, there is no fun in skipping all the content for me, but then there are people who bloat on how quickly they beat the game…with their feet, using a guitar controller,.naked, on lvl1 with the first weapon.

  • Zaplen

    Well really that’s kind of what happened in Majoras Mask. You go straight to the end, but can’t really do anything until you’ve achieved key points.

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  • Kaihaku

    Sure, you can go to the final boss right off the bat… But good luck beating it with that tree branch.