The first thing we listened to as the trailer for Breath of the Wild first played was a mysterious woman’s voice, which was the first time proper voice acting was ever used for the Zelda series. However, the game demo saw no voice acting whatsoever, besides those few seconds when we see Link waking up at the beginning, making quite a few think that voice acting would yet again not be present in a Zelda game.

Aonuma comes to dissipate any mystery, though, as he himself has confirmed that voice acting will in fact be used for the game. He refrained from saying just how extensively it would be used, leaving many curious. However, Link himself will remain silent yet again, as it has always been since the series inception.

We’ll just have to wait and see just to what extent voice acting will be used; if it will feature full on voice acting for every character, or just key characters.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    There was voice acting in the demo though. When Link was out in the overworld for too long the voice would say “Link. Head for the point marked on your Sheikah Slate.”

    • JaidynReiman

      Yeah, some people seemed to have missed that. That same person says quite a few things. Once you complete the objective the voice doesn’t talk anymore.

      I think major characters will be voiced (including the Old Man), it just wasn’t in the demo. Definitely don’t expect full voice acting at all. Not everything needs to be voiced.

  • “However, Link himself will remain silent yet again, as it has always been since the series inception.”

    Anyone remember a certain little Hero of Winds and his “C’mon!” in the latter half of the game?

    Either way, I fully support Zelda voice acting (really adds to realism) and fully support a silent Link.

  • Ma’goria

    Hearing the girl speaking with clear english inside a Zelda game while stearing Link’s confused face was one of the most absurd moments I have had in awhile. The girl’s voice sounded so misplaced and unfitting that I was 100% sure that it was in the first trailer just for commercial purposes. The Wind waker also had voice acted commercial trailer where “Aryl” was calling out for Link, so I was really surprised that the voice was still there when they started to play the actual demo. I have always been against the whole voice acting idea for Zelda. Nintendo clearly want’s to try the ice with a stick and please the loud minority demanding them to fix something that is not broken. I’m afraid they will end up just like they did with Mario sunshine.

    • asdfg

      “That it’s not broken,” are you sure? Skyward Sword and the previous games seemed pretty broken to me with the all the characters moving their mouths but no sound coming out of them (except some occasional cringey moans). And I don’t think pro-va fans are a minority, everyone I’ve seen looks pleased or at least neutral regarding the change.