The trailer for Breath of the Wild, and subsequent Treehouse demos, have introduced a whole host of new items to Link’s arsenal, and reinvented the way that they’re deployed, suggesting a level of customisation never before seen in a Zelda title.

All in all, Breath of the Wild takes a brand new approach to Link’s weapons and items. Adapting and utilising the environment seems to be a key aspect of the game, and this has naturally crossed over to Link’s armoury.

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  • Sean McCandless

    I can answer the paraglider thing. The same old man that you encountered when you first start the game will give it to you after you raise the Resurrection Tower. The place where the Sheikah Slate was trying to lead you when you first start out. The sailcloth that was in the GDC footage was likely scrapped or used as a placeholder.

    • Film Rewind

      They showed in the demo that if you beat 4 shrines and take the old man the glowing marbles from them that you get the shrine.

  • MaryW

    Does anyone know offhand how the stealing aspect will differ from Wind Waker’s ability to steal weapons? There we could use a timely shield bash to get them from low-level enemies without killing them, or even grab them from pots, although getting the big ones from defeated enemies was always better.