In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game begins with adult Link lying in a resurrection chamber, as he is woken up by a mysterious voice.

We hear the voice commanding to Link “open your eyes.” A barely clothed Link rises from the shallow pool that has contained him within the chamber, and makes his way to exit the chamber. From a pedestal near the exit he receives a Sheikah Slate, reminiscent of the ancient technology from the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword, which is certainly an integral part of the gameplay. The voice continues, “Hold the Sheikah slate to the pedestal and it will show the way,” the door opens and Link exits the chamber. After leaving the chamber, Link finds some ragged clothes contained within treasure chests. Now clothed, Link then heads to exit this underground area and the mysterious voice continues on saying “Link, you are the light — our light — that must shine upon Hyrule once again.”

As Link steps outside into the Great Plateau, we get our first introduction to the massive world of Breath of the Wild. Link can jump and climb from the outset for the first time, and sets his sights on a Hyrule that is in decay. With the exception of an old man in the area near a fireplace, Link is alone with a few hostiles nearby. Survival techniques and tactics become a fundamental part of Link’s adventure, and he must be more resourceful than ever. Weapons wear down and break, plants and fungi can be picked, and even meats and other food can be eaten. As Link progresses through the game he must use stealth to avoid enemies, as tracked in purple by a small circle in the bottom right corner of the screen which measures how conspicuous he is.

Survival techniques and tactics become a fundamental part of Link’s adventure

The environment, as with prior installments, is directly related to the tunics Link wears as well. The blue tunic we see most prominently seems to be Link’s fair weather tunic, and we later see Link wearing his more traditional green tunic in colder temperatures. When engaged in battle with more substantial enemies, Link is seen clad in armor as well. Also notable is that for the first time, Link has no hat and items other than just a sword and shield are visible on his back. His bow and arrow and quiver are now clearly seen attached to him, and the Sheikah Slate is seen dangling from his belt on his left thigh.

Surely more details and story elements will be unveiled as time goes on, but for now we know that everything Link obtains and wears is intrinsic to his survival. At the beginning of Breath of the Wild, Link steps out into a vast world without much hand-holding and is left to his own devices. As revealed at E3 today, this new game in the series is clearly breaking ground for the series in all categories: story, graphics, and gameplay.

For more details on the new items Link uses for survival, as well as in depth coverage of the environments, creatures, and world, stay tuned to our home page!

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  • Ryan Haney

    Right now, they are showing how you can eat raw meat to refill 1 heart, or cook it and it refills 2, or cook meat and veggies and it refills all hearts.

  • when I saw the trailer and saw all that climbing Link does, my first though was ‘they better not bring back that goddamned stamina flower.” Granted, it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me in SS, it kind of made sense that Link could wear himself out after a while, climbing things and such, but it was just an annoying feature overall.

  • Russ

    BRILLIANT! Simply brilliant.

  • People don’t like change. They like the status quo, and they don’t feel comfortable if things are going to be different. Think about the little things that happen in your own life. You enjoy the predictability in most things. There is a certain level of comfort when you know, or think you know, what’s going to happen next.