All aboard the Hype Train! Nintendo’s Facebook page has released the full sized image that was leaked earlier today by Amazon, check out our original article on the leak.

Zelda U full Rock Climbing Concept

Look at that view!  A blue clad Link climbs to new heights before an incredible vista. Death Mountain lurks ominously in the distance, smoke and ash billowing from the caldera, two mysterious structures stand on the other side of a newly revealed bridge that spans over what appears to be a lake or even a river. A fourth tower can also now be seen. Could those strange structures have an important place in the plot?

This isn’t even mentioning was seems to be a whirlpool or some other important feature in the water, the seemingly ice-capped mountains to the far left, or the craggy black steppes beside one of the dark structures.

This gorgeous image is just a taste of what is to come on Tuesday.

Nintendo has scheduled its Zelda-centric Treehouse stream on June 14, 2016 at 9am PDT, and we’ll be bringing you all the important news, videos, and announcements as they emerge, so stick with us during the next few days!

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