As if the E3 hype train hadn’t gathered enough steam already, Amazon appears to have leaked new concept art for Zelda Wii U.

The gorgeous artwork, attached to the Amazon listing for the game, depicts Link hanging off a cliff face in front of a stunning vista of what is presumably Hyrule. Supposedly that’s a smouldering Death Mountain in the background too, with a castle to the left of that and a church-like structure (or sanctuary perhaps?) in front of that.

Click the image below to view it in full size:


It has also drawn comparison to promotional artwork for A Link to the Past, further evidencing Aonuma’s goal of hearkening back to the earlier, more open Zelda titles.

ALTTP Rock climbing

Speculation is already rife as to whether this artwork means climbing is confirmed in the game, what role the mysterious blue towers dotted across the vista play, and whether yet another shot of Link in this blue tunic mean that he truly has ditched his traditional green.

Thankfully we’ve only got a couple more days to wait before some of these questions will (hopefully) be answered!

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  • DimensionalRanger

    Afternoon of the second day, sixty-five hours remain…. Hyype!

  • Sara Nicholas

    I don’t understand. Where on the Amazon listing is this image??

    • JaidynReiman

      Maybe it was leaked at it was already taken down?

  • Shane

    Oh thank god… it still looks fantasy, and not futuristic science fictiony.

    I might get the game after all, maybe there isn’t going to be TOO much technology…

    • Darkstar

      Watch it turn into Xenoblade Chonicles lol because it’s “open world”

  • Aaaaaand E3 has begun.

  • David

    I read somewhere on the forums that this game may try to tie together all the different Zelda overworlds. I’m super down with that, and this image’s similarity to ALttP.

    • Daniel Ireland

      I’m with you. I always love the nods and easter eggs referncing the past games but a concrete connection to the other Zelda eras would be amazing 😀

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