Hello there, everyone. I’m Michael Baller, the webmaster, co-founder, and whatnot from Zelda Eternity, a Zelda fan site I created. If you didn’t already guess from the title of this news post, Zelda Eternity is merging with Zelda Universe. Merging wasn’t a very easy decision for me to make, as it entails closing my site, but I believe it’s exciting nevertheless.

Why Are We Merging?

I feel that the online Zelda community has changed — and is continually changing — to a point where the smaller sites can’t truly grow anymore. Additionally, you have people who have become older and developed new interests. It can be difficult to manage a website when you don’t have the motivation or the resolve to do it. You’re left with the options of either letting the site die, or sharing what you have with another. We decided to preserve what we’ve built by merging with Zelda Universe. We felt this was the right choice because Zelda Universe has an overall emphasis on community, and they provide a unique flavor that we liked. Through this merger, both of our communities will have the opportunity to try new things that both sites couldn’t do alone.

What Will Change?

I don’t think too much will change at first. Zelda Universe will still remain Zelda Universe, just with some new team members and some new content. With the merger, Zelda Universe will be getting most of the available game guides currently on Zelda Eternity to help expand the site’s library of guides that you can view, such as the Majora’s Mask Pieces of Heart guide. The content process is still ongoing, and probably won’t be complete for a while. If there’s a guide that isn’t on Zelda Universe, chances are it might be on Zelda Eternity, so merging the two into one place allows for easier access. Aside from guides, a number of our articles may be brought over as features, too.

In terms of social media, not much will change there either. Zelda Eternity’s Tumblr will become the Zelda Universe Tumblr, so if you love GIF’s of Zelda stuff, look no further! As for Facebook, we’ll be putting in a merge request to carry over Zelda Eternity’s like over to Zelda Universe. The Zelda Eternity Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ will stay online, but be shutdown. Overall, the user perspective won’t change much, allowing for a smooth transition.

Will Zelda Eternity’s Charity Marathon Continue?

This is one of the biggest things we did at Zelda Eternity. If you don’t know, Zelda Eternity has an annual marathon known as Zelda For Eternity where we host a livestream spanning multiple days where we play of all the Zelda games we can manage. The main thing that kept Zelda Eternity going at times were these yearly marathon charity drives, which have supported organizations such as Child’s Play in the past. We always have fun playing games for everyone to watch and enjoy. Some of us are good at the games we choose to play, while some of us aren’t — but that’s what made it fun. It provided a lot of joy for us, the community, and Zelda Eternity users who watched and had been watching since we first started. While we can’t announce anything concrete yet, we are committed to having the marathon return under Zelda Universe in the late summer/fall. Expect more details soon.

In closing, Zelda Eternity may be departing, but its legacy will live on through our merger with Zelda Universe. We hope it provides something new for everyone who visits, and in doing so evokes fond memories of our site.