Only a month is left now for Akira Himekawa’s Twilight Princess manga to release in Japan, and as the date comes closer, many details have also been released. A few days ago, the newest detail release was of the cover for the first volume, which features Link in his Ordon Village attire and Wolf Link looking menacingly behind him.

Some more great news for overseas fans as well, Germany and the US have confirmed to be bringing the manga to their country! Viz Media will be in charge of bringing the volume to the US, while TOKYOPOP Deutschland will be in charge of bringing the manga to Germany. A release date for has not been confirmed by either company, but at least now we know we will be getting to purchase the book in these two countries! While we wait for a release date, have a look at the cover art for the Japanese release, just to hype you up even more.

zelda twilight princess cover