The Electronics and Entertainment Expo has always been the place to go to get excited for up-and-coming games. If you couldn’t attend the convention, you would have to watch the event streamed on an internet or TV service, like Twitch or YouTube, to get the information you craved. This year, there is going to be an alternative to the main show: E3 Live.

The Entertainment Software Association, who runs and owns E3, is bringing E3 to the fans! What I mean is E3 Live will be open to the public, so everyone who doesn’t have a chance to attend E3 can still get a taste of the experience.

E3 Live will be held during the same days as E3 and you can think of it as the “sister-convention” to E3. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, all of the tickets for the event have already sold out. It will run through the following time and dates:

  • Tuesday, June 14: 5pm-10pm PDT
  • Wednesday, June 15: 12pm-10pm PDT
  • Thursday, June 16: 12pm-10pm PDT

Those who were lucky enough to snag a ticket will be able to see and play upcoming games from the E3 convention show floor! Not only will they be able to play the top games, they’ll also be able to hear great music, meet up with people in the video game industry and purchase exclusive merchandise from the show. This is an interesting alternative for E3 since it gives everyone, no matter who you are, a chance to demo the up-and coming games from E3.

One of the main selling points to E3 Live is that the public is able to attend. E3 has only allowed a small number of the public into the convention and that has only been within the last few years.

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