Well this seems a bit sudden. Right after new DLC launches for Hyrule Warriors Legends, it appears Nintendo has now abandoned their trademark application for “Hyrule Warriors”.

The reason given for the abandonment, according to the USPTO website (spotted by the hawk-eyed folks at NeoGAF), is “because the applicant failed to respond or filed a late response to an Office action.” Now, given this information, it’s a possibility that this is just oversight rather than an active choice on Nintendo’s part, although it would be very odd for them to make such a mistake.

If this is indeed an intentional move, then this could mean that it’s unlikely that we’ll see another Hyrule Warriors title in the future. With all the content pumped into both titles, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo feel there isn’t much left to add to the series.

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  • Isaac Cook

    At the very least, they shouldn’t abandon the “Nintendo x Warriors series” concept. It’d be interesting to see this with their other IPs.

  • Tidbits

    Sounds like they needed to respond to the trademark office about something and never did. Certainly doesn’t seem intentional.

  • JaidynReiman

    I doubt Hyrule Warriors is over. There’s still tons of stuff to add and the existing games have done so well. Maybe it can be taken in a new direction for a sequel.

  • JaidynReiman

    After tying to see if they had “Princess Zelda” trademarked, I found something else…


    Nintendo trademarked Hyrule in 2014. And this one IS still active.

  • This seems like an administrative oversight. I don’t think Hyrule Warriors is going to be an ongoing thing beyond the two games already released, but they will definitely restart getting that trademark.