Are you guys prepared for this? The new Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa featuring Twilight Princess’s story will be hitting the shelves in Japan on June 24, and to hype up the release, the manga duo have shared three images from the seventh and eighth chapters, which have already been released in Japan through Manga One, for overseas fans to enjoy.

In order to dissipate any confusion the previous paragraph may have created, the individual chapters are the ones that have already been released, the first volume that will contain several chapters together in one book is the one going on sale on June 24. If you guys are manga fans, then you know how this works, but for those who don’t, they way things work is that individual manga chapters are featured in a weekly magazine that has lots of other manga stories in it. Then, after a considerable amount of chapters have been released (or after the manga ends) the chapters are gathered together and released together in a volume.

Once again, for people wondering when other countries will be getting the manga hitting their own local stores, Akira Himekawa asks overseas fans to wait until a publishing company in everyone’s respective country announces the translated volume, instead of waiting to hear from Akira Himekawa. They are not allowed to give out any information until the publishing company do so themselves, so might as well be on the look out for your country’s publishing company instead.

Furthermore, the same Facebook post that included the Twilight Princess manga images also made the announcement that Viz Media will be release a manga collection of Ocarina of Time in November. You can catch all the details for that on Viz Media’s Facebook page.

I have kept you reading long enough, check out the images below!

twilight princess 3 twilight princess manga 2