As all of us know by now, the NX was finally given a release date, and also the unfortunate news that it will not be shown at this year’s E3 conference, leaving many fans with questions unanswered. However, that does not mean we have been left completely in the dark, for Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima recently talked a bit about Nintendo’s next generation console.

When asked if the 3DS sales were going to be affected by the now inevitable decline of the Wii U, Kimishima stated that this was not the case. He explained that for the fiscal year of 2017, they certainly do have low projected sales of the Wii U, but he assures that they have a great line-up of upcoming 3DS games, so they do not foresee the portable console to be affected by the Wii U’s final stages in the spotlight. “We have major titles for Nintendo 3DS for the fiscal year ending March 2017, as I mentioned in the presentation, and there is a solid lineup of titles. That should greatly contribute to the sale of both the hardware and the software. The positive aspect of lowering the projected sales of Wii U hardware to 800,000 units is that it allows us to focus on the Nintendo 3DS system.”

Furthermore, Kimishima was also asked about the NX’s launch titles, and if there would be a solid line-up for the system not to struggle the way the Wii U did when it first launched. To this, Kimishima agrees that a solid line-up is needed for the NX’s launch, and that that was actually a reason they chose March 2017 as its release date, to have a complete list of games ready by the time it launches. “You are correct about needing a solid lineup of software. One of the reasons for choosing the launch timing that we did is so that the software line-up will be ready in time for the hardware launch. Not only at launch, but we also need to be able to continuously release titles after launch. We are planning for this to be a platform that consumers can enjoy for a long time.”

For the question about the NX struggling like the Wii U did, Kimishima explains that he is assuming the situation will not repeat itself, deliberating on the fact that selling the NX at a loss would not be good for business. “When Wii U was launched, the yen was very strong. I am assuming that situation will not repeat itself. Selling at a loss at launch would not support the business, so we are keeping that mind in developing NX.”

Looks like Kimishima is fairly confident on the success of the NX, alleviating any concern fans might have about the Wii U’s initial struggle and lack of games repeating itself with the NX. We are sure Nintendo will have great games to present when the new console launches, so all we have to do is wait patiently!

If you want to read the interview in its entirety, head over to Nintendo’s official website, where the whole interview has been translated and uploaded.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    what’s this about yen and selling at a loss? far as I can figure that either means
    A: the NX will be fairly expensive for a Nintendo console, which is usually a lot cheaper than others. or
    B: the NXs quality will be lowered so that the cost of making it will be lower than the selling cost so they can sell at their usual price for a new console, and not loose money.

    • ServingUpSass

      The answer to your question is that the Wii U console was sold at a loss. But the games were supposed to make up for that loss.

      • GreenLinkMaster

        oh right, I think I remember hearing that now. so he’s just saying they’re not going to be doing this with the nx like they did with the wii u, so it will deffinetly be more expensive.
        still, Nintendo tends to sell their systems cheaper than sony or microsoft. if the NX can do half the stuff the rumors say that I’d rather buy an NX instead of s PS4. and the newest xbox thing? never even considered it to begin with.
        P.S let the console wars begin…..