Cruising through the open seas of The Wind Waker was such a calm, leisurely part of the game that “On the Great Sea” by fluffysheeps has captured perfectly. The warm colors and soft strokes are wonderful, and add to that relaxing feeling. The way the twilit clouds transitions into the open starred sky is a wonderful reflection of the setting sun, it is like I can hear the music fading away to just the creaking of this boat and the splash of the sea. I have always thought of the Wind Waker as a very beautiful game, especially when replaying it in HD, and this image perfectly reflects the stunning scenery of the game. It is simple, yet elegant.

While the art itself is stunning, I really have to give this artist credit for their incredible detail. As I mentioned previously, the scenery looks like it was snatched out of the game itself, but it’s the smaller things that grab me as well. For instance, the gusts of wind blowing. With Link having the Wind Waker present in the drawing, adding the gales was a really nice touch. The ascending seagulls was also a very clever thing to add; perhaps they are guiding Link back to his sister? Or maybe fleeing from a lurking Big Octo?

Then there is, of course, the characters, who have been beautifully drawn to life. The artist has created the characters in their own unique style, but lingering details from the original game remain. Our hero painted with a grin across his face, one hand with the Wind Waker, the other counting measures; and then there is the stoic King of Red Lions, who keeps an eye on Link like the guardian he is. While this artwork lacks a sail, I think the artist made a wise decision not to include it. We would not have as much of the gorgeous background scenery if it were present.


The Wind Waker was my first real Legend of Zelda game that I played through beginning to end, and I must say this piece really hit home when I saw it. With just a simple portrait, I see so much from the adventure on the Great Sea. My thanks to the artist for creating this lovely work of art, and I hope that others viewing it can see the same beauty as I do.

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