If you know how the Nintendo community works, you’ll know that patents for games or accessories are always a great source for speculation, arguments and theories across the internet. Other times, all they do is make us raise an eyebrow in confusion. This is the case for this U-shaped controller patent from Nintendo that was released a couple of days ago. The patent, filed back in 2014, shows the shoehorn-shaped controller being used for what I can only guess to be some sort of exercising and physical-related game. The pictures show some sort of grip accessory that allows some sort of grip enhancing exercise to be done.

u shaped

Some other pictures also indicate that this controller would have had load sensors as well, which would go on section 16 in the picture, allowing the user to emulate the ends of the controller to be pushed or pulled closer or away from each other.

u shaped 2

Definitely a funky controller, but not that surprising coming from Nintendo. After all, the one thing they focus on the most is innovation. However, I think this one is better off not seeing the light of day; at least not any time soon.


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