Nintendo has announced that the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U has been delayed until 2017, when it will launch simultaneously on both the Wii U and as-of-yet unseen NX. No specific date has been announced at this time, though the NX itself has been confirmed for a March 2017 launch.

Nintendo has also announced that, since the NX will not be shown at E3 this year, Zelda U will be the focus of E3 2016. The last time Zelda U was featured at an event was at The Game Awards in December 2014.

Update: It has been announced by a Nintendo press release that the only playable Nintendo game at E3 2016 will be Zelda U.

  • Dave

    While I’m sure they bumped the release back (again) for good reason, I am truly disappointed in Nintendo. Essentially what they’ve done here is made thousands of diehard Zelda fans not only wait several years for a decent release but they’ve also forced most of us fans to purchase a pointless console. The only reason I purchased the Wii U was for the fashionably late Zelda U title. Now if I purchase Zelda U on the Wii U I will be purchasing second rate hardware / software compared to the NX version. Not impressed Nintendo.

    • Thomas Andersen

      Not on your side on this one… Nintendo could not have predicted the fail of Wii U! They are adj. so that they can have greater success in the future.. if you want them to not adj. then have a reduced chance of success and in turn it might force them out of the console world in the future, well, then you are super short sighted. Get over your personal reasons and look at the bigger picture! This is not a choice, its something they HAVE to do!

      • Dave

        I do not disagree with you one bit. I am certain that Nintendo is doing this out of necessity and I’m sure I would consider doing the same thing if I was in their shoes. Trust me, there is no one out there that is a greater Nintendo supporter than I (matter of opinion), I’m just saying that they’ve had terrible planning ever since the Wii consoles hit market. Yes they were “neat” for their time but Nintendo opted not to listen to the consumer, which in my opinion is a massive mistake. They dumped all of their time, money and research into developing the NEXT BIG IDEA like the Wii consoles and neglected development on their money making games, like Zelda, Metroid, Mario and many others. So yes, they are doing this out of necessity but it is by their own hand. They backed themselves into a corner and are counting on the powerhouse games to pull them through their tougher times. Unfortunately, they have to drag their consumers along for the ride. As a disclaimer, yes I will probably buy the new console. I’m just a little upset that we were promised an experience like no other from the Wii and Wii U consoles but ended up with a dud.

        • Thomas Andersen

          I guess we see the Wii and the Wii U very differently. Mario Kart on the Wii for me was one of the best games of all time! Also, I had so much fun with Wii Sports with my family and friends + I enjoyed TP very much. And Super Mario Maker, I have played that game Every Single Day since it launched. Its been 7-8months, and its the best gaming experience I have had since the 90s.. its way to0 much fun! I Loved the Wii and I LOVE Wii U! So yeah, might be easier for me to swallow since Im having the time of my life playing these games.

  • DimensionalRanger

    But, whyyyy?! Well, at least the game will be the best it can be with this delay. Do not let me down, Nintendo! Still…

    • DimensionalRanger

      “Are you sure this will be released next year (2015)?” “Yes”
      “…The new Zelda game, coming in 2016”
      “Zelda for Wii u will be released in 2017”

  • David

    The *only* playable game? Nintendo must have a barnburner of a press conference planned if they’re putting it all on Zelda U.

  • Jerry Hunter

    Naturally I’ll still be at the midnight release when this game drops in the year 4545, but I’m certain I echo endless other fans with massive disappointment. Yes I, ‘understand’ that these things do happen, but Nintendo, if you’re going to make it a habit to announce things going on two years before they are released, surely you’ve got to know that’s not very good business. True, no one can predict the future of a pipeline’s progress, but come off it- if there are memes and running gags about your multiple push-back dates, there’s an issue.

    Besides, you’re running out of Zeldas to re-release in “HD.”

  • kratos13

    i don’t mind games being delayed…its not like i could do anything about it even IF i did mind…but…nintendo’s history of announcing a game and then only showing off 1 or 2 screen shots or if we’re lucky an actual video clip of the game…and then not showing A DAMN THING for upwards for y’know, a year, 18 months, 2 years….THAT is ridiculous. announce the game…then about every 3 months or so, AT LEAST give us 5-6 new screen shots…give us something, anything…whatever you show doesn’t HAVE to be in the game…we all know its unfinished and subject to change…but for the love of god, show SOMETHING!!

    • Rosy-Cheeked Cutie

      I agree with you. You know, when Zelda U was announced and there was the trailer and there was a bit of gameplay, my hype reached too damm high levels, but now that it has been delayed and we don’t have anything new on the game, the hype faded a lot. I know that when the game is close to its release, my hype will go up a lot again, when we find some footage of it on YouTube after E3, the hype will go up again.
      But that’s all that they’re going to show us, and it’s been some time since I’ve been hyped for a game.

      • kratos13

        exactly. this ain’t 1992 where all we really had to look forward too as far as gaming news was concerned was for the latest monthly issue of EGM to hit newsstands. back then it was expected to not hear anything for months and months on end after a game was mentioned in some article. nowadays, the expectation of instant gratification, most gamers having the attention of a gnat and uh, that “internet” thing…imo, companies should not continue to do the “slow reveal” on high profile releases…a screen or 3 now….and then nothing for year or more.

  • snalle1

    This is actually good news – the game was unlikely to come out this year in the first place. Now we have confirmation that it’ll be the focus of Nintendo’s E3, be playable on the show floor, *and* we have an early 2017 release date essentially locked down. Nintendo would have to be crazy not to use this game as a launch title, so if the NX is dropping in March ’17, it’s safe to assume Zelda will, too.

  • LoZCardsfan23

    Called it! I knew Zelda U would end up NOT being a 2016 title in spite of Nintendo insisting that it would be a while back.

  • Tri

    I see lots of people angry that Zelda U hasn’t had a lot of information shown, but that makes it all the more exiciting for me. It’s like a mystery and it makes me incredibly curious and I salivate even more. haha

  • GreenLinkMaster

    I give up, I don’t care anymore. yah I’ll get the game when it comes out, if I’m not just a Stal by the time it comes out like that picture below, but haven’t also achieved the status of Stal-Lord by that time. who here also thinks we won’t get this Zelda game or the “NX” until 2019?

  • James

    I was not a fan of the original Wii console, although I have to say that the marketing and strategy for the console was genius. The name ‘wii’ itself was brilliantly catchy. The commercials and campaign for the system was unbelievable. They basically created the “casual” gamer, by hiting an untapped market, and it really felt like the old days of gaming where everyone played.

    But eventually the gimmick of the system faded, and you were left with a akward system, with allot of lack luster titles. Not to mention Microsoft came up with a much better motion control system while still maintaing a normal system.

    So the time the Wii U came out the curve for Nintendo started to sink. The causal market started going to the smart phone (which is hard to compete with) and that brilliant marketing campaign for the Wii was non existent for the Wii U. Most people didn’t even know a new system was coming out till it actually came out. Alot of people also assumed it was just some sort of add on to the Wii not its own console. Nintendo also became “innovative” with the way we played with Wii, but the Wii U just seemed to be like “here’s a controller with a screen thats something sort of new (but not really). The specs for the system whereby that grate. And there were not many titles, let alone good titles, for the system.

    It’s as if Nintendo did the opposite of everything they did to make the Wii the best selling system of all time. And some how it comes as a supprize to them that Wii U was a flop. This is why I am annoyed.

    Now look at NX, we keep hearing how different it will be, but that’s it, no information… I mean at least this time we know that they are releasing a new system, but I am not excited to buy it. I don’t think it will be good, I think Nintendo’s rep for consoles have been diminished since the N64, and I think the Wii U just turnished any chance for a new system to do good for Nintendo.

    I really don’t want to buy a system for 1 game. I brought Wii U for one game and look what happened.

  • cqp

    Awesome game. Thank you so much for this game.

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