Does your cellphone or set of keys need a bit of that Zelda pizzazz? Want a subtle way to tell people, “Talk to me about my favorite video game”? Then look no further than these upcoming keychains that draw from both the original Legend of Zelda and Twilight Princess. 

Empty Amazing Creations will be releasing two sets of keychains in July 2016. The first set, based on the NES game that started it all, features small rubber charms that can be mixed and matched thanks to the hooks that connect them. The sprites’ details are on-point, and range from Link himself, to enemies, and items.

LoZ charms

The second set is based on art from both the original and the HD remake of Twilight Princess. These keychains are made of acrylic and include a rubber Triforce crest. They’re not interchangeable like the NES keychains, but their clips are sturdier than any string.

Twilight Princess charms

You can find more pictures of both sets on their respective product pages. Check out the NES keychains here, and the Twilight Princess keychains on this page.

Would you be interested in picking these up? I’m partial to the NES keychains, but it’s hard to resist the new Twilight Princess art too. Share your opinion with us!