We love our news, guides, and features – but the heart and soul of ZU has always been its community. Today, we’re giving that community a massive upgrade.

We’ve spent months working on intense customizations to Burning Board, our forum software, in order to make the forum we thought the Zelda community deserved. Not only does this new Temple layout restore all of Burning Board’s missing functionality, but it also adds significant new functionality, too. From beautiful profile pages with informative covers to a completely custom-designed signature previewing system, tons of love – and Zelda references – went into the creation of these new forums.

Since this is an initial release, there are naturally bound to be some rough edges. We’ll be updating the forums every two weeks in order to fix bugs and add new features. If you want to help us improve the skin, please make your bug/feature requests in the new Help and Feedback board. When reporting or suggesting a feature, please only make one thread per issue!

This is a massive step forward for our community – so, from our whole team who worked so hard on this, thank you for being a part of it, and enjoy the all-new ZU forums!

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