Twilight Princess HD has been out for almost a month now, but in case you weren’t aware, you totally get to play as Link in wolf form. The latest trailer not only illustrates the various things you can do as Wolf Link, but also the different locales you’ll visit, as well as some of the enemies you will encounter.

Interestingly enough, the trailer almost seems to focus on Midna more than Wolf Link. While she is an integral part of Wolf Link’s gameplay, the footage actually neglects some of Link’s abilities to focus on her. For instance, we don’t see Link using scents to locate certain characters, which is a huge part of the game. Regardless, the trailer may spark interest in people who haven’t bought the game, or inspire people to play Twilight Princess HD again, such as myself.

For those who have enjoyed the original game or Twilight Princess HD, did you prefer playing as Link in his normal or wolf form?

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