Nintendo’s first “Social Media/Smart-Phone” app and their Club Nintendo replacement, My Nintendo, are finally available for the masses. By the looks of the first wave of supporters, it looks like Miitomo will/is going to be a rousing success.

Lets start out with the easier one to explain, My Nintendo. Like I mentioned before My Nintendo is the successor to Club Nintendo. For those who don’t know, Club Nintendo was where Nintendo fans could register their systems and games and get “coins” to get cheaper games and physical merchandise you couldn’t get anywhere else. My Nintendo is similar where you can get games at a discount as well as accessories for Miitomo like Miitomo Drop game tickets but more on that in a minute.You can also gain My Nintendo points by downloading games and logging into Miiverse and the eShop. Points last six months but the ones that are closest to their expiration date will be used first so keep that in mind.

Now for the information that you really want, what is the deal with Miitomo. Miitomo is Nintendo’s first Smart Phone app game that parades around like a social media web site. You can add friends from Facebook, Twitter, and QR code scans to your friend list and answer questions from those friends. You’ll get points for your My Nintendo account the more you do on Miitomo. You can also dress up your Mii character really anyway you see fit and in turn show off to your friends! Your friends come over to your Miitomo house/room and you find out answers to questions they have already answered. The friends don’t have to come over to your room for you to hear their answers. It might be a quick, fun way for Nintendo to collect your information but you have bigger problems if you care that much that Nintendo knows what type of bread you like or what you do to unwind.

You can use your Mii’s to create Miifoto‘s, crazy pictures that have funny backgrounds and have your Mii’s front and center. You can share these Miifoto‘s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through text messages by saving them to your phone. Miitomo Drop is the mini-game that players can get candy, that allows you to hear answers to questions to your friends questions,as well as new clothing. You can get coins/points and style upgrades the more you change your clothes so this game will be pivotal. The game is simple, you move your Mii left or right and then drop, thus the name Miitomo Drop. This adds to the customization for the game where you might have something that your friends don’t and they will totally be jealous. Nintendo took their time getting into the smart-phone apps game but if Miitomo is any indication of what we can expect in the future, they might have figured it out the first time.