A few days ago, a Nikkei report stated that they had gotten their hands on a juicy piece of inside information regarding the Wii U: that the struggling console would end production by the end of this year. Their report stated that due to low sales and its never ending struggle in producing games that appealed to their audience, the console would not live to see 2017. Furthermore, the launch of Nintendo’s newest console, tentatively titled the Nintendo NX for now, also has a potential launch for late 2016, and reportedly that also helped in the decision to stop Wii U production.

However, Nintendo has come out to clarify that said report is not true, stating that “this is not an announcement of our company” and that they plan to “continue production into the next fiscal year and beyond.”

Had the rumor been true, this would have increased the possibilities of Zelda Wii U being released on the NX instead of the Wii U, which many people had feared ever since the game was delayed last year and the NX was given a late 2016 release date. However, with Nintendo’s announcement people can rest assured that the game will be released for the Wii U as originally planned.