Sorry US Zelda fans, this one is for our neighbors to the north. To commemorate the launch of Twilight Princess HD, Nintendo of Canada is going on their own quest: to locate the biggest Legend of Zelda fan in Canada. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:it’s another Twitter contest.

If you are at least thirteen years old and live in Canada, it’s very easy for you to enter this contest. You must tweet using the following caption: “My name is and this is my submission for The Legend of Zelda Fandom Contest. #ZeldaFan #NintendoContest.” It’s a good thing that Li Kovacs, host of the following video, isn’t entering because her cosplay pics would be tough to beat! The contest runs until March 14.

Now, you can show off a video you’ve created, a piece of Zelda-centric artwork, cosplay or anything you’re proud of. If you feel that it shows why you’re the biggest Zelda fan, send it in! The grand prize winner gets their entry shown at select Symphony of the Goddesses concerts in Canada, as well as prizes. The grand prize includes Hyrule Warriors Legends, Twilight Princess HD, a New Nintendo 3DS and a Wii U. Two runner-ups will receive copies of Hyrule Warriors Legends and Twilight Princess HD.

This sounds like a great contest and if I lived in Canada, I would enter to show off my passion for the Legend of Zelda!