We’ve been waiting two years to say this: we’ve been secretly working with David Leferink at Heroic Replicas to create the most accurate Master Sword replica in the world, and it’s coming on March 14.

In 10 days’ time we’ll be publishing a special feature here at Zelda Universe detailing how the sword was made. From the extensive research and surprising facts — a real Master Sword would have an inch-thick blade — to the different crafting techniques used, you’ll be able to follow the sword’s journey from video game icon to reality. In fact, we’ve shared some of David’s processes previously and we can’t wait to show you what he’s done since. It’s a truly beautiful sword.

Best of all, for fans and collectors of Zelda and video game merchandise, these swords will be available to buy. At the same time our feature goes up on March 14, Heroic Replicas will open up their store for orders. Several varieties of the sword will be available, from a resin make-your-own-Master-Sword kit to an all-metal, combat-ready model. Here’s a sneak peak of the sword itself, and make sure you check back here on March 14 for the full story.